As a freelance Organisational Development Consultant, my focus is on helping individuals and organisations to perform more effectively and efficiently.  This I do through business consultancy, learning and development, change and project management and coaching.

Welcome to my site.

This site is designed to give you some insight into who I am and what I do. There are various pages of information and copies of articles I have written. If you are interested there is also a blog.

Whilst Organisational Development can mean a range of things to different people, I found the following description of its core features to be useful:

    • system – wide;
    • planned change efforts;
    • focused on the total system and not just one aspect of it;
    • targeted at the human side of the enterprise;
  • aimed at improving organisational effectiveness
    (Cheunge-Judge, Mee-Yan 2011) 

Brief Profile

I have over 35 years’ of business experience, working with a range of organisations from global companies to small businesses to universities, as an employee, interim and consultant.

This has included over 16 years in professional learning and development, over 5 years in higher education and 10 years in organisational change management. My career includes 25 years with a major international bank and 10 years working with a range of organisations in organisational design and development, change and project management, education, and learning and development.

Over this period I have held senior management positions in a major UK bank, developed managers, leaders and executives across a number of businesses in the UK and internationally, project managed and implemented change projects, managed products and suppliers and been an academic head, lecturer and project manager in UK Universities.

This means I have worked in a number of business areas including: business operations, leadership and management, change management, education, learning and development, project delivery, new product development, marketing, supplier management. In doing this I have run teams across multiple sites, and worked with organisations in Europe, the USA and Hong Kong.

I hold an MA in Management Practice, a Professional Diploma in Management, am a Chartered fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and an NLP Master Practitioner.

I now focus my time on raising business and personal performance, though personal, professional and organisational development and change. In this I use a combination of business psychology, management theory, experience and common sense.

More recently I have become an Expert Practitioner with the HiveMind Network.

MyLinkedin and HiveMind profiles along with Twitter feed are below:

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