mindfulness influences attention, with downstream effects on functional domains of cognition, emotion, behaviour, and physiology.
Ultimately, these domains impact key workplace outcomes, including performance, relationships, and well-being.
Consideration of the evidence on mindfulness at work stimulates important questions and challenges key assumptions within management science, generating an agenda for future research

(Good et al. 2016: 115)

This quote comes from a growing body of research which indicates that being more mindful in work can have major benefits to the individual and organisation.

However, I believe that this mindful approach needs to be combined with effective ways of working, personally, as a team and as an organisation. This encompasses areas of work and business skills, knowledge and behaviours.

My approach combines both business and mindfulness knowledge, skills and experience.

I have nearly 40 years of business experience, 14 years as a freelance learning and development consultant working with major corporate businesses, small business and in universities. This has included working In Europe, USA, Hong Kong and China, in areas of personal performance, leadership and management, change and projects, product and supplier management and learning and development. Academically this was supported by a Diploma in Professional Management and an MA in Management Practice.

In my teenage years I can across the concept of Zen. A vague interest in this coalesced into a personal study of mindfulness at deeper levels over the past 10 years, culminating in an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion, along with daily personal practice and development.

My general organisational development focus, whilst still continuing in management, project management and personal development, is now moving more into the provision of more mindfulness-based development for individuals, teams and organisations.

I now design and deliver a range of mindfulness-based events including courses, workshops, retreats and coaching in a number of business areas such as time management, leadership, and change management as well as personal development programmes.

If you would like more information, to discuss upcoming events, to discuss designing a specific event or just to talk through some ideas, please leave a message below.

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Good, D.J., Lyddy, C.J., Glomb, T.M., Bono, J.E., Brown, K.W., Duffy, M.K., Baer, R. a, Brewer, J. a, and Lazar, S.W. (2016) Contemplating Mindfulness at Work: An Integrative Review. Journal of Management [online] 42 (1)

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