The Mindful Workplace

Organisations generally understand the importance of being able to look at the past, measuring performance, making some sense of what has happened. They are also have ways of visioning the future, setting targets and objectives, drawing up plans. They can then implement the plans and make things happen thought various activities.  In short, they are good at doing things. This is generally important if they want to be successful.

However, there is another approach to organisational life and performance which can support all this ‘doing’, which can give a potentially stronger base to ‘do’ things from. This is the idea of actually being more at work, a state in which people are fully present and aware of what is happening around them, moment by moment, without having to initially judge everything. By being present they gain a clearer insight in to what is occurring and into their thoughts and emotions as events unfold. Through being clearer on what is occurring in a full range of situations, and then responding, rather than reacting, to problems, situations and opportunities, individuals, and organisations, can become more effective.

The Mindfulness Based Approach

The mindfulness based approach works with individuals, developing and growing their ability to be self-aware, to focus on and be fully present in current tasks and situations, and to recognise how others are responding to and dealing with situations. Through this approach individuals become more mindful of the world around them and more compassionate in their interactions with others, and also with themselves. They become better able to deal with the stress and difficulties of everyday work situations. This is designed as a practical approach, one which has immediate impacts on how work is approached and which is firmly set in the context of dealing with everyday work situations.

It is also important to realise that this is not a quick fix solution or just a case of learning the right techniques and actions. This is about developing a different approach at an individual level which can become a team working approach and an organisational culture.

In practice developing this approach is about individuals working with a range of experiences to discover an alternative way of being, of working. An alternative to the general default ‘doing things’ ways of working. This takes effort and is developed through the practice of meditation and in daily activities. Growth comes through personal practice, direct experience and noticing what is happening. Through this the approach is nurtured and allowed to develop as it will, as opposed to applying a process or just running an app.

We are all different and, whist this approach is about experiencing and discovering the approach that is right for you, it is worth pointing out that it may not be right for everyone. That is ok, we are all different.

Any programme for an organisation is bespoke and designed to meet the needs of the organisation, its teams and individual at that moment in time. Any individual development is by its nature bespoke and there is a real sense of not striving to achieve specific objectives whilst practising this approach, but letting it unfold as it will for you.

If you are interested in a more mindful approach to work (or life) for yourself, your team or your organisation we would be very happy to talk to you further about how we could support you in this.

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