Micro Meditations

These are short practices which can be used as a meditation practice of a few minutes, as an action in your daily living, or as a bridge between meditation and life in action. Whist they are quick practices, they can be an immensely powerful way to reconnect with the mind, body and emotions, and to reground you in the present moment before you move on to whatever is next.

In daily life you may find these beneficial at various stages of your day and in a range of situations. See if you can make using these as an approach throughout your day, a habit in the way you go about your life and work.

The recordings here are of a few minutes’ duration, to allow time to practice and develop your approach. In using them in your day the length of the micro-meditation may vary, you may carry some out in say 30 seconds or want a deeper practice for ten minutes or so, repeating the meditation flow. They are meant to be a practical approach, so use them in whatever way seems wise to you at the time.

Generally these are designed to be quick to learn and apply, without the ongoing need for the recordings, in fact they are really designed to be used as and when required with little, if any, preparation. They go straight into the meditation practice.

Settle and sink

This is a relaxation style of meditation. It is a way of letting go of tensions, physically and mentally, and grounding. It is a quick way to stop holding on to things, often a holding on which we do not even notice

Stop, pause and notice

This provides a quick grounding practice, to stop us being lost in what we are doing, to provide a pause before moving on. It can be used as a way to ensure you are doing the wise thing, at the right time, in the right context.

Rapid Body Scan

A rapid grounding and reconnection practice, using the body as a basis, which can be used in live situations as well as a meditation. It can also be a pause before moving on, bringing awareness and acceptance of the body, here and now, so bringing you into the present.

Labelling Thoughts

This is about putting a small space between us and our thoughts, or even body sensations or emotions, by labelling them, so in some ways making them more objective than subjective. The thought (emotion, feeling, sensation etc.) now become something arising in our attention rather than defining us personally as being the thought. In this we are not seeking to get rid of thoughts, but merely to change our relationship to them, in a gentle and compassionate way.

This practice of labelling thoughts can also be used as a more formal and longer practice.

Breathing Space

This is also known as the ABC meditation as you go through three stages of Acknowledge or attend, Breath, Connect.

The practice thought brief contains elements f a range of meditation practices so can be a link between full practice and daily life. In this way it is a practice of becoming aware and reconnecting with reality.

This meditation is a way of centring during the day, at any time, and again as with most micro meditations provides a pause before moving forward again.